Virtual Prayer Meetings

Grace Matinale

Grace Matinale (morning grace) is the church’s official prayer platform where prayer meeting is available to join from Monday to Friday from 5:00AM to 6:00AM

How to Join a Zoom Prayer Meeting

Compatible Devices

  • Smartphones
  • iPad/Tablets
  • Laptop
  • PC with Webcam & Mic

Computer System Requirements

Participants who don’t have a webcam or microphone on their computer can still join our prayer meetings. They will be able to view and listen in but will not be able to be seen or heard. However, they can participate by typing in the group’s chat.

On Desktop or Laptop

1. During the scheduled meeting time, visit

2. Click “Join Meeting”

3. Type in the meeting ID: XXXXXXX

ALTERNATIVELY: During scheduled meeting time, visit

On Mobile Device

1. Download Zoom app on phone.

2. During the scheduled meeting time, click “Join.”

3. Type in the meeting ID: XXXXXXXX

To join via mobile devices you must first download and install the Zoom app.